Does your business welcome and include all people of gender and sexual orientation?

Is your business active in, and/or fully supportive of the LGBTQ+ Community?

If you answered ‘Yes’, we would love to have your business advertise with us based on these values, and connect to our rapidly growing community of supporters/followers on, Instagram & Facebook!

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Our Mission?

We are an all-inclusive Digital Marketing tandem located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. We are active in and highly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and huge promoters of Equality.

Our goal is to bring together like minded business owners that support these same values and want to be part of this collective and growing all-inclusive Portland Business Directory.

The value we provide comes 100% from our time, passion and Digital Marketing experience dedicated toward connecting Portland Metro Businesses to the LGBTQ+ Community.

Instagram & Facebook

• We will post your business (Instagram logo) or top branded image, with your business information and details on our Instagram and Facebook pages for 1 year.

• We will re-post these 3 more times to the top of our Instagram & Facebook pages and out to our feeds throughout the course of the year. (3-6-9 month schedule)

We are very active & engaging on Instagram & Facebook attracting Real & Genuine Portland followers/supporters.

*Instagram (currently) 75-100+ Profile Visits/day (27,000-37,000+/year) • 40-100+ Story Views/day (25,550/year avg.)

Average Daily Instagram Profile Visits April 23′
Average Yearly Instagram Profile Visits Based On April 23′

• We will add your business information, website and social media links to your business category pages. We also add your business logo/image, website URL, and social links to our main PDX Business Directory page as you can see here.

• Our website is highly optimized for Google search (SEO) out of the box. Relevant searches for (your business niche + Portland + anything LGBTQ+) will result more and more frequently. We will also continue to build back links and outside funnels for increased relevant website traffic.

Google Clicks For April 23′
Average Yearly Google Clicks Based On April 23′

So….in a nutshell?

There is ALOT happening here! We are dedicating 100% of our time, effort, experience and passion toward getting your Business information and values out to all Portlanders that are active in and/or fully support the LGBTQ+ Community!

At the moment, we are currently offering all the above services at:

$333 for 1 year (average of just under $28/month)

portland LGBTQ+ Business DirectoryKeeping the economic flow within the Business Community for Equality…

Brio Dental Portland oregon

We are Rapidly Growing Daily!


Starting The Process:

This is a preliminary gathering of your info. Please take your time with your Business/Instagram post descriptions and Logo/Branded image uploads. We would be more than happy to help and assist you with this.

Recommended image sizes (that can be scaled down) 1080px by 1080px • 600px by 400px (The larger the image the better). You can view some examples from businesses on our Instagram & Facebook pages.

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    We will call you, quickly go over and confirm your business details, then proceed to complete the process.

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